August 9, 2010

Give Us A "F***ING BREAK"

Sets my : "HAIR ON FIRE"
This morning The Phoenix New Times, Blogs at Valley Fever by James King released a poll to determine if calling a black male over thirteen a "BOY" was racist.
He also wrote two other blogs Civil Rights Activist Jarrett Maupin Calls on Ben Quayle to Apologize for "National Poster Boy" Comment. Again, Give Us a F***ing Break
"Vernon Parker Thinks the Term "National Poster Boy" is Racist. Give Us a F***ing Break"
Before James King who it seems to be an expert on what deserves to be called a "F**ing Break", he needs to do a little research on the subject.
What this F***ing expert should be writing about are the issues and qualification of the candidates.
Ben Quayle, 33 years old, Has had 4 jobs since 2002, has only worked for the 3 companies a year each, balance for "The Quayle Family", never voted in an local election (New York Times) has lived in Arizona periodically until 2006, bought a home in District 3 December 2009. Would be a legacy vote.
Paulina said it best, Ben Quayle: The wrong choice for Congress X Not Experienced X Not involved X Not ready " You Don't Inherit Leadership. You Earn It. Ben Quayle doesn't have the leadership and hasn't earned the trust to represent Arizona.
Keith Olbermann named Quayle one of his "Worst People in the World" on 8-6-2010.
Vernon Parker, 50 years young, former Mayor of Paradise Valley, Served in the White House as Special Assistant to President George H. W. Bush, Confirmed unanimously as under Secretary of Agriculture. Vernon Parker has proven himself as a leader and conservative, as Mayor taxes were reduced 29%, spending decreased, he has earned the trust to represent Arizona. He is the only candidate that has had FBI,CIA and Secret Service clearance. He is supported by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Phoenix Councilman Sal DiCiccio, Tom Smith and former Congressman Matt Salmon, among others.
August 9, 2010 Press Release Arizona Congressman Trent Franks Statement on Vernon Parker. Calls Parker’s Life a “Story of Victory”

The Capital Times broke the story on August 3rd in regard to Ben Quayle's "Rent a Family" Red State picked it up and wrote a story. A few days later Chris Matthews at MSNBC, CNN and Jay Leno.

Jason Rose issued a Press Release on August 6, 2010
Ben Quayle Calls Parker “boy” in Rambling Incoherent Statement; Parker Campaign Asks Quayle for Clarification
Phoenix, Arizona. August 6, 2010 – After what must have seemed like a most difficult day for Ben Quayle (he became the focus of Jay Leno and many national comedy shows) releasing an incoherent and rambling attack, laden with complete falsehoods on Vernon Parker. This came about after the Parker campaign merely exposed Quayle for trying to mislead voters by portraying his nieces as his children and then yesterday exposing his varying and contradictory positions on gay marriage.
The real topper was in a statement released last night, when Quayle referred to Parker as “boy” a known derogatory term for African Americans. In the statement Quayle says… “become a national poster boy” when the proper term that most would use is “national poster child.”
American Freedom
Hair on Fire by Barbara
Posted on August 6, 2010
Blatant Bigotry
Vernon Parker did not put the quote " referring to Parker as BOY" on Ben Quayle's web site, Ben Quayle is totally responsible for his actions.In over half of the United States to call a male of color over thirteen "A BOY" is a derogatory term, if Ben's spinmeisters had done a little homework before they let your mouth overloud their typing, the Quayle covey would have know that.
Ben Quayle did not misspeak, the reference has been on his twitter page and the quote is posted on his web site in a vicious premeditated attack on a man's character. After all Ben Quayle isn't experienced in running a campaign or facing a controversy with the truth. Adding to the swamp in DC if Quayle is elected. His campaign funds 80% plus have come from out of state donors. BE
Press Release by Rev. Jarrett Maupin all unrelated.
Civil Right Leader, the Rev. Jarrett Maupin calls on Congressional Candidate Ben Quayle to apologize for racially insensitive Campaign Remarks; the Reverend questions Qualye’s commitment to equal opportunity and says: “Ben is not mature enough to be an effective leader in Washington, D.C.”
*Phoenix** – *Arizona Civil Rights and Political activist, the Rev. Jarrett Maupin is speaking out against political newcomer Ben Quayle. The Reverend is calling on Quayle, a Candidate in Arizona’s 3^rd Congressional District race, to apologize to Arizona’s Black community for what Maupin has called, “…ignorant and racially insensitive remarks.” Maupin’s demand comes hours after Quayle referred to former Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker, a leading candidate for the same seat in Congress, as “boy”; a historically offensive term used to berate African-American Men. In that same statement, Ben Quayle also chided Black business owners for their use of federally approved minority contracting methods. Maupin says, “Ben Quayle’s words are unfortunate. He has confirmed the speculation that he doesn’t represent a new Generation of Conservatives. He is the descendent of people who benefited while Blacks suffered under Jim Crow. Now, his campaign is pandering to the likes of James Crow, Jr. Esquire.” Maupin says if the son of the former GOP Vice-President does not apologize to the Black Community and to Candidate Vernon Parker directly and soon, he and others will publicly campaign against Qualye’s candidacy, “If he refuses, we will hit the campaign trail and make his words known to everyone who will listen. Civil Rights Groups, Churches, Radio, Television; they will all know the hurtful words of Ben Quayle. He can run for office but he can’t hide from what comes out of his own mouth.” Printed in its entirety by permission of Rev. Maupin

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